Prof. Thomas C. Ho from Lamar University of USA Visited Our School

On June 28, 2016, Professor Thomas C. Ho from Lamar University of USA made an academic visit to our school. Prof. Ho delivered an interesting and impressive presentation titled as “Novel Microwave Gasification Technology for Converting Waste Plastics into Magnetic Carbon Nanocomposites for Environmental Remediation”.

Prof. Ho introduced the current status of world-wide pollution from waste plastics, described the recent research progress from his group on the utilization of waste plastics for waste water treatment, and detailed discussed the synthesis of nanomaterials with waste plastics. After the presentation, teachers and students from our school consulted with Prof. Ho for related research and application questions, and discussed possible collaboration in the future.

Biography: Prof. Thomas C. Ho mainly focused on municipal and industrial waste reuse, air pollution control. He was awarded over 70 important funding from the government and industry. He had published over 100 SCI/conference papers.