Prof. Itou Masahito from Nagoya Institute of Technology Visited Our School

During Feb. 29 to Mar. 2, 2016, Professor Itou Masahito (president of Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan) visited our school. Professor Itou Masahito was also appointed as adjunct professor of Jiangsu University. Prof. Xiang-Yang Wu hosted this presentation and ceremony. Prof. Masahito also delivered an interesting and impressive presentation titled as “Lifecycle Analysisof CO2Emission: Current status and future perspectives”.

Prof. Masahito introduced the current status of environmental research in Nagoya Institute of Technology, described the effect of CO2 emission on environment and human daily life. Especially, he introduced the effect of CO2 emission on the primary education in Japan. After the presentation, teachers and students from our school consulted with Prof. Masahito for related research and application questions. Prof. Xiang-Yang Wu and teachers from our school also detailed discussed possible collaboration with Nagoya Institute of Technology.

Prof. Itou Masahito’s research mainly focused on environment management and planning, he was appointed as thepresident of Nagoya Institute of Technology since 2009.