Prof. Qi-Xing Zhou from Nankai University Visited Our School

On April 27, 2016, Professor Qi-Xing Zhou and Professor Jing-Chun Tang from Nankai University made an academic visit to our school. This visit was officially invited by Professor Xiang-Yang Wu, the dean of our school. Prof. Zhou delivered an interesting and impressive presentation titled as “Ecological bioremediation of polluted soil: progress and challenge”.

Prof. Zhou introduced the current status of soil pollution in China, described various bioremediation techniques and research progresses, and detailed discussed the experiences of engineering application from his group during the past two decades. After the presentation, teachers and students from our school consulted with Prof. Zhou for related research and application questions. This detailed discussion between JSU and NKU should be beneficial to create new opportunities for future collaboration.

Biography: Prof. Qi-Xing Zhou, Changjiang Scholar, National Distinguished Young Scholar, Dean of School of Environmental Science and Engineering in Nankai University. Prof. Zhou’s research mainly focused on ecological effect of pollution and ecological bioremediation. He was awarded 973 program, 863 program, and many other important funding and awards. He had published over 300 SCI/EI papers and held over 100 patents.