National Young Scholar, Prof. Jing-Fu Liu Visited Our School

On May 30, 2016, Professor Jing-Fu Liu from Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences (Chinese Academy of Sciences) visited our school. Prof. Liu delivered an interesting and impressive presentation titled as “Separation and detection methods for nanomaterilas and its environmental fate”. Prof. Xiang-Yang Wu hosted this lecture.

Prof. Liu introduced the wide-spread application of nanomaterials and their eco-toxicity, described their recent research progress on new methods development for detection of nanomaterials, and discussed the environmental fates of different nanoparticles. After the presentation, Prof. Liu detailed discussed with teachers and students from our school on related research and application questions.

Biography: Prof. Jing-Fu Liu, National Distinguished Young Scholar, professor of Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences (Chinese Academy of Sciences). Prof. Liu’s research mainly focused on method development for detection of persistent toxic pollutant. He was awarded 973 program, 863 program, and many other important funding. He had published over 180 SCI papers and was cited over 5400 times.