In order to have a better understanding about the basic situation of international students in Jiangsu University, and improve the management system for international students, the Student Affairs Office plans to conduct a thorough investigation of the situation of our students and establish the relevant student information databases. The specific requirements are hereby notified as follows:


I. Who will be in the database:
International students in Jiangsu University



II. Classification of information needed:
1. Strong points related to arts and sports (including Chinese, vocal music, musical instruments, dance, basketball, track and field, etc.)
2. Diseases that needs special attention
3. High-level academic research ability (including published papers, programs, etc.)
4. Other conditions that need special attention



III. Time:
November 15 to November 22



   Students under the above-mentioned relevant conditions shall report the information to the class teachers before the deadline. Then the class teachers shall classify and summarize the information and report it to the student affairs office.