In order to provide more help for undergraduates who have study difficulties, and help them improve the academic performance, OEC is currently seeking to recruit excellent overseas postgraduates with good performance in their field of study as the ASSISTANT ACADEMIC TUTORS for twining and help. Detailed information is as follows:

1. a) Undergraduates who have received academic warning, notice of lowering grade, and notice of dropping-out and probation

2. a) The applicant must be overseas graduate student studying in Jiangsu University. Masters applicants must be in the second year of their study. Ph.D. applicants are also eligible to apply (whether freshman or continuing student).

c) The applicant must be honest and have good morality, be willing to help others, and have a high sense of responsibility.

e) The applicant must exhibit some level of Chinese language proficiency.


b) Guide students to develop good learning habits, best learning attitude and scientific learning methods.

d) Help students with learning difficulties to be able to analyze existing problems and guide them to improve on their studies.

f) Give the instructions to the student no less than twice a week, and check his attendance no less than once a time.


Ways of Twining:

b) OEC will make arrangements according the nationality and majors.


AssessmentThe assessment of assistant academic tutors for foreign undergraduates shall be carried out by the OEC according to their work effects and students’ evaluation.

6. Proceduresa) The applicant fills in the Application Form for Assistant Academic Tutor (Annex 1).

Jiangsu University

November 20, 2019