Call On Paper for the 6th Sino-Foreign Post-graduate Academic Forum of Jiangsu University

We are glad to announce programs and schedules for the 6th Sino-Foreign Post- Graduates Academic Forum of Jiangsu University.

1. Theme : Innovation and Sustainability of Population,Food ,Energy, Environment,Bio-informatics and International Education.

2. Sub-Themes


Engineering I:Innovative Design and Optimization of the Agricultural Equipment

Engineering II: Information Communication for Intelligent Agro-equipment

Engineering III: Sustainable Energy for Agriculture Mechanization and Development

Engineering IV:Ather engineering topic relevant to the theme



II. Life and Medicine: Building Healthier Societies

III.Business and Finance: Empowerment of Small and Medium Scale Enterprise

IV.Culture Exchange: Diversity and Internationalization of Education

3. Details

Venue :  Conference Center and The Academic Auditorium

Date :   Nov.9,2016 to Dec.2,2016

4. Objectives and Aims

(i). Promote academic and cultural exchange among Chinese and international students.

(ii). Provide a forum to share scholarly research and findings

(iii). Facilitate interdisciplinary exchanges and discussions among scholars

(iv). Broaden the knowledge base and intellectual capacity of conference attendees.

(v). Act as a platform for multi-cultural exchanges while enhancing student’s public speaking and presentation skills.

(vi). Enhance the internationalization of the research faculty of Jiangsu University

(vii). Provide avenues for knowledge sharing of novel and innovative research as well as benefit from the scholarly experience of experts and professors in such fields.

(viii)Provide collaboration between other universities in china and abroad.

(ix). Attract inputs and active participation of post-graduate students and doctoral candidates in all schools, faculties and research of Jiangsu University and the province.


Due to the academic importance, rich history and success of previous Sino-Foreign Postgraduate Academic forum and the internationalization goal of the University and Overseas Education College , This year’s academic forum will be convened by major stakeholders in the University as indicated below :

Host units:

· Graduate School

·  Division of  Student Affairs

· Overseas Education College

·  University Communist Youth League


Related faculties and institutions

Graduate Student Union (University and Faculty)

Society of Agriculture mechanization

Hand in hand Volunteers Association


Participants are welcomed from all disciplines, schools and other universities. Key participants comprises of Chinese and foreign graduate students of Jiangsu University, expert scholars/teachers, Undergraduate students and  Graduate students of other universities.

6. Manuscript Submission Guidelines

(i)Content: It should be easy to understand, enhancing knowledge sharing in different subjects and achieving a win-win situation.

(ii)Authorship: The first author of the research work should be master or ph.D candidate , supervisor or a professor and can represent themselves or their university latest research developments.

(iii)Originality: It should present a novel idea and adopt a scientific research approach. It also should be concise, creation and must be original. Such works must have not been presented /published in any conferences, journals and academic forum. It should also be in conformity with the laws of the People’s Republic Of China.

(iv)Order : The thesis/paper must be written as the following order: Title , Author, Organization,(including name of the organization ,province or city, postcode ), English abstract, Key words, Text ,References.(refer to “Chinese and Foreign Postgraduate Academic Forum Thesis Model”)

7. Content and Form

The simulated form of International Academic Conference will provide a forum where

(i). Postgraduates show their research progress and achievements.

(ii). Also participants can show Chinese or foreign cultural feature. Chinese and foreign students can collaborate together, inviting an instructor to guide the team.

(iii). Chinese and oversea student’s team can get bonus points. There will be online vote, audience question and best audience selection.

8.Guidelines for Participation/Presentation

(i). Submit English abstract of paper first, if it is chosen for oral presentation you have to submit the whole paper within the specified time frame.

(ii). Categories

(iii). Excellent paper presentation and communication

(iv). Oral report and communication. Related expert professors will be invited to deliver a speech and academic comments.

(v). Arts and literature communication: Singing. Dancing, Folk art, Handwriting, Instrumental Music and so on.

9.Schedule Arrangement and Timelines

Call for Abstract 


Manuscript Submission deadline for selected candidates 

Nov.2nd, 2016 

Opening Ceremony: Theme speech and cultural exchange forum 


Closing Ceremony: International Cultural Festival  and Award Ceremony 


10. The Process of Submit the Manuscript and Register

(i) All postgraduates ‘works (electronic form) should be collated by the faculty and named as:

For abstract submissions: 2016SINOAbstract+faculty Name + Subforum Name

For manuscript submissions:2016SINOPAPER+Faculty Name+Subforum Name

of the Article for Chinese and Foreign Postgraduates Forum registration and sent to Forum Committee mailbox. (

(ii)  Engineering Forum, Medicine and Biological Science Forum ,Management and Finance Forum, student affairs officer of the faculty should organize  postgraduates’ tutor to call for students to hand in paper actively. The abstract should be checked and signed by supervisor. Postgraduate education secretary in charge of collecting paper abstracts and check the format (attachment 1), delivering above and statistics sheets (attachment 2) to Quality Office of Graduate School.

(iii) Cultural Exchange Forum is arranged by Foreign Language College, Literature  College, Laws College,College of Education, Marxism College and Arts College .The Students Affairs Office organize postgraduates’ tutors to call for paper .After initial check it should be signed by supervisors, collated and checked by postgraduate education secretary. The tutor delivers above and paper statistics sheets (paper form) to Postgraduate and all other interested colleges.

Management Office of Students’Affairs Office of University. Other postgraduates in other schools can also submit cultural exchange paper.

(iv) The abstract should be checked and signed by supervisor or postgraduates’ tutor , and then every college students’ affair office collect and check paper format (attachment1).The officers deliver above and paper summery sheet (attachment2, paper form) to Postgraduates Management Office of Students’ Affairs Office

(v) Registration of Chinese and Foreign Students Talent Show shall be organized by every branch Students’ Affairs Office ,the officers should supervise, coordinate and then liaise with OEC Students’ Affairs Office (Graduate teaching building Room 213-1)

11. Benefits To Participants

(i)The robust mix of scholarly audience can boost academic conference experience and academic discussion.

(ii)This forum has no conference fee. Light meals and living arrangements can be provided on demand free.

(iii)Availability of professors discussion and conference proceedings on  CDs

(iv)Award and Prizes ; To promote and motivate active participation several prizes and awards will be presented in the following categories : Best Audience ,Top Popular, The Most Excellent Oral presentation, best poster display, best sub-organizing team

(v)Forum Committee’s organizers members will receive certificate, and an excellent volunteer will be selected.

12.Enquiries and Academic forum Hotlines:

The following dedicated lines are available during normal working hours to attend to your enquiries and suggestions :

Postgraduate Management Office of Students’ Affairs Office:88791638

Graduate School Education Office:88790089

Oversea Postgraduate Education:88786803

Liaison officer:Wolali Ametepe 15606106110

NB: Participating in this forum forms part of the requirements for the award of Postgraduate degree in this University.

1attachment1 Template for the abstract

2attachment2Template for the paper

3attachment3 summary sheet for the abstract