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Safety Science and Engineering Research Team

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This research team is coordinated by Professor Zhongfei Ma, The team consists of 12 researchers, including 3 professors, 3 associate professors and 5 supervisors for MS degree candidates.
Research scope:
1.  Hazardous Source Control and Emergency Technology
Study on dust treatment technology in industry and mining, industrial ventilation and air condition, industrial toxic substances controlling technology, fire & explosion prevention, forewarning and emergency technology, the preparation of naval flame resistant material, monitoring and controlling of major hazard sources.
2. SystematicSafetyof Industrial and Transportation
Study on systematization & standardization of safety management, system safety analysis and risk assessment; safety, behaviors of industrial enterprise, information technology, safety technology of transportation system.
3.  Environmental and Ecological Security
Study on assessment of ecological and healthy risk of environmental pollutant, mechanism and defend key technology of biological invasion, environmental safety and ecological safety assessment technique.
4.  Structural Safety
Study on engineering structure durability and damage; disaster prevention and mitigation of engineering structure; study of aseismic, anti-wind and vibration attenuation of engineering structure; mechanical structure safety technology.

Contact:Prof. Zhongfei Ma,
E-mail: mzf@ujs.edu.cn
Tel: +86-511-88797557