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Pollution Control Engineering and Equipment Research Team

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This research team is coordinated by Prof. Zhiren Wu, has 23 faculty members, comprising 1 researcher, 4 professors, 12 associate professors, 3 doctoral supervisors and 16 master's supervisors.
Research scope:
1. Technologies and equipments for wastewater control
Modification and fabrication of novel bio-carriers and development of corresponding processes; Technology updates for nitrogen and phosphorous removals, and for corresponding operating regulations;Treatment of POPs using pulse corona induced plasma discharge process (PCPP) and research on corresponding degradation mechanisms;Development of technologies and equipments for advanced treatment of industrial oil wastewater;Fabrication and characterization of advanced oxidation catalysts, and research on their performances;Fabrication and application of novel Fe-C microelectrolysis materials.
2. Ecological remediation and engineering for water environment
Development and application of ecological technologies for   remediation of wetland, lakes and rivers;Research of effects from aquatic plants on nitrogen cycle and corresponding meachnisms;Research on in-situ water remediation and integrated technologies for water cleaning and cycling;
3. Technologies and equipments for air pollution control
Development of technologies and equipments for electrostatic precipitation of ultrafine dust, and for recovery of resources from plasma desulfurization and denitrification; Development of prevention and control technologies for indoor air pollution; Development of plasma technologies and equipments for control of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) ; Development of plasma technologies for cleaning mobile source exhausts;
4. Treatment and reuse of solid wastes
Development of technologies for treatment and reuse of wastes from agriculture and forestry; Development of technologies for reduction and reuse of sludge;Development of technologies for treatment and reuse of municipal solid wastes;Development of technologies for hazard-free treatment of solid wastes;
5. Soil contamination remediation and land resource planning
Research on POPs’ transport and conversion in soils;Development and research of electro/magnetic coupling, electromigration/hydroxyl radical coupling for remediation of metal/organic combined pollution;Development of plans for land use, land resource planning, land resource management ,natural resource planning and management;

Contact:Prof. Zhiren Wu
E-mail: wwu5353@j-c-k.co.jp
Tel: +86-511-88790930