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Application for M.S. Admission

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    School of the Environment and Safety Engineering at Jiangsu University (JU) offers a variety of graduate programs to those students who pursue a master degree (M.S.) in Environmental Science and Engineering. Our fundamental goal is to improve the student’s ability to initiate and carry out a novel research project in the areas relevant to Environmental Science and Engineering. Thus, the research programs of the school are mainly focused on the area of Environmental Science and Engineering as well as the relevant disciplines. To be a qualified applicant enrolling in a Master of Science program in Environmental Science and Engineering, a student must provide:

A bachelor degree in Environmental Science and Engineering or in the relevant fields/majors, such as Microbiology, Chemistry, Ecology, Bioengineering, etc., from an accredited university with a transcript at least 3.0 of the GPA.

Two recommendation references to support your application from persons who know you well in your professional career.

English capability to meet the minimum requirements for a degree study at JU, including the skills in reading, oral communication, as well as writing, is also required.

Meet with other university’s admission requirements.