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Report on The 25th Tri University International Joint Seminar and Symposium 2018

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Prince Asilevi Junior, School of the Environment and Safety Engineering

Professors and University Presidents at the opening ceremony

1. Opening Ceremony

The President of Chiang Mai University (CMU), Thailand, Clinical Professor Niwes Nantachit, M.D., presided over the opening ceremony of the 25th Tri University International Joint Seminar and Symposium 2018, on the theme “Food, Population, Energy and Environment to Sustainable Society”.

CMU’s Faculty of Engineering hosted this year’s conference from November 4 – 8, 2018, with 5 participating countries, 15 universities, 40 faculty members and 100 students.

Professor Yoshihiro Komada, President of Mie University, Japan, Professor Li Hongbo, Vice President of Jiangsu University, People’s Republic of China, Dr. Alim Setiawan Slamet, Director of Student Affairs and Professional Development, Bogor Agricultural University, Republic of Indonesia, CMU’s Vice President Associate Professor Rome Chiranukrom, Chairman of the Organizing Committee and CMU’s Faculty of Engineering Dean, Assistant Professor Dr. Nat Vorayos, Chairman of the Working Committee, participated in this ceremony.

2. Jiangsu University Participation

The Jiangsu University team composed of 18 student delegates (17 Chinese students and 1international student) led by 6 Teachers (Professor Li Hong,Professor Huang Ting,Professor Wang Limin,Professor Sun Jian zhong,Professor Xu Qian, andProfessor Li Zhiwen.). The team arrived in Thailand on Saturday 3rd November at 6am in the morning.

JSU team of Teachers and student delegates. Middle (Professor Li Hongbo, Vice President of Jiangsu University, People’s Republic of China)

On Sunday 4th November, the team registered and attended the pre-conference tour.

On Monday 5th November, Oral PPT presentations commenced immediately after the opening ceremony, comprising morning and afternoon sessions.Princewas scheduled to present at 16:15 to 16:30, on the topic: “REMOVAL OF VOLATILE ORGANIC COMPOUNDS (VOCS) FOR THE ABATEMENT OF PHOTOCHEMICAL SMOG: AN ENVIRONMENTAL MENACE”, in the section of Environment.

Tuesday 6th November, was scheduled for excursions, university visits, and many different Royal project sites by his Majesty the King. There were 4 groups (A, B, C, and D) with different routes.Princewas in group C, and visited the Royal Energy and Waste Management Centre, as well as the Royal Agricultural Centre.

JSU 18 student delegates (17 Chinese Students and 1international student)

Wednesday 7th November was parallel presentations and Poster presentations. Also, there was a workshop for all participating students, discussing the subject of “how to pursue a sustainable environment”.

Thursday 8th November was the award presentations and closing ceremony. 22 Students out of 100 participants were awarded under various categories including oral presentations, poster presentation, workshop presentations and degree (Undergraduate and Postgraduate). Jiangsu University received 6 awards (almost 1/3): Lyu Yiqiang (the best UG presentation for environment and the best workshop award), Wu Shuming (the best UG presentation for population), Xie Jiaxi (the best UG presentation for food and the best workshop), Luo Lijun (the best PG presentation for environment), Li Hui (the best PG presentation for population), and Prince Asilevi Junior (Best PG Poster presentation).

Finally, on Friday 9th November, the JSU team checked out and headed for the International Airport. The team arrived on JSU campus at about 13:00 on 10th November.

Award for best Postgraduate Poster presentation

3. Conclusion

The 25th Tri University International Joint Seminar and Symposium 2018 was indeed an exciting experience. The opportunity to learn and share new ideas, make new friends, establish contacts for future research and many other memorable events was the spirit of Tri U 2018.

In my opinion, the organization was excellent and affability was the hallmark of the staff. It is my wish that more and moreinternational studentswill patronize and participate in the Tri University International Joint Seminar and Symposium.

Poster presentation

4. Acknowledgements

Firstly, I wish to say Thank you to Jiangsu University, Overseas Education College, and School of the Environment and Safety Engineering for the scholarship to do my PhD research.

Secondly, my supervisor, Professor Yi Chengwu, OEC dean Professor Jin Gao, always motivating students to pursue excellence, Dr. Banwo OEC staff and personal friend, Dr. Nana OEC staff and personal advisor, Ms. Cai Zhaohui OEC vice dean, Ms.Linda CaoClass teacher and personal advisor, Mr. Zhi Liangze, and Ms. Huang Ting.

Finally my supporting laboratory mates Mr. Lea Jue, Ms. Lanlan Yin, and Mr. Muhammad Imran NAWAZ, and all Friends who supported me. K̄hubkhuṇ Krab!


1.Opening ceremony and award

2.Cross section of JSU delegates

3.Waste recycling and Biogas project at The Royal Energy center by his Majesty the King of Thailand

4.Organic Fertilizer production at the Royal Agriculture Centre at CMU