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Badminton friendly match of Biofuels Institute was successfully held

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Badminton friendly match of Biofuels Institute was successfully held

In order to improve physical fitness, and further enhance the friendship between students, Biofuels Institute of Jiangsu University held a badminton competition in our school gymnasium at 5 p.m on May 27.

This competition includes “men's singles”, “women's singles”, “men's doubles”, “women's doubles” and “mixed doubles”. Graduate students of our college actively participate in the competition, and draw lots on the spot to determine the opponents and the order of appearance. It is divided into three parts: preliminary contest, semi-final and final.  In line with the principle of “friendship first, competition second”, we guarantee the smooth progress of the competition in an orderly way. Before the competition, all the contestants were full of energy and confidence. During the competition, the contestants responded to the competition slogan of “show your personal style and show your sports charm”, showing the youth vitality and positive attitude towards life of graduate students.

After several rounds of wonderful confrontation, the Communist women's singles champion Yang Xuejin, the men's singles champion Wang Xingqiang, the women's doubles champions Yang Xuejin and Chen Yuanyuan, the men's doubles champions Zhou Dao and Xie Pengcheng, the mixed doubles champions Jin Meng and Zhuang Chen, the top three in each competition, as well as the entry prizes of all the players.

The badminton competition has been a complete success. By holding this competition, students' enthusiasm for sports has been greatly aroused, and students' enthusiasm for physical exercise and physical fitness has been aroused. Through this competition, the students of Biomass Energy Research Institute of China have shown their spirit of hard work and continuous progress.