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Yu Sujie, a master student in our school, was funded by the CSC High-level University Public Postgraduate Project

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      On June 3, 2021, the China Scholarship Council announced the results of the 2021 cooperation scholarship (doctorate category) with the Paris High-tech Development Foundation. The 2018 master's degree student Yu Sujie obtained the qualification to study abroad with a full scholarship to study for a doctoral degree.

      Yu Sujie joined Professor Sun Jianzhong’s team to study for a master’s degree in 2018. She is mainly engaged in the recycling of algae biomass waste. During the master's degree, she participated in the writing of 6 academic papers, and wrote 3 papers as the first author, one of which was awarded the honor of "Editor's Recommendation" and participated in the research of 3 patents. Yu Sujie plans to go to Paris Sciences & Lettres-PSL University for doctoral training. It is a world-class research university and a world-class university. In 2019, the world young university ranked 4th and QS ranked top 50. In 2020, Shanghai Jiaotong University is ranked 36th in the world's top universities. Doctoral supervisor Professor Budtova is one of the top experts in the field of international polymer processing. She is the first scientist to propose a cellulose-based bioaerogel. She created a large-scale project "Bioplastics" sponsored by 5 French companies and served as the chairperson. And won one of France's most famous research awards "CNRS Silver Award". In addition, the cooperative tutors, Professor Buwalda and Valette, are respectively internationally recognized experts in the field of polymer biomedicine and rheology/soft matter and computational fluid dynamics. During her PhD, Yu Sujie will be under the guidance of three professors.