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Three teachers from our school participated in the 27th International Academic Symposium of Tri-U

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       From October 31st to November 5th, the 27th International Symposium of Thi-U was held in Guangxi University. The theme of this Symposium is "Population, Food, Energy, Environment, Smart City: Is this just a dream?". By online and offline, approximately 150 people Participated in Symposium from 12 universities and colleges in 6 countries including China, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, and Russia. Professor Sun Jianzhong of our school served as the chairman of the jury committee. Professor Xu Wanzhen was invited to give a conference report titled "China's Energy Innovation and Exploration towards the Goal of Carbon Neutrality". Young teacher Dr. Yanyan Lu gave a titled "Biochar affected Nitrogen and Phosphorus leaching from" a "Sandy Soil amended with Inorganic Fertilizers and Biosolids" report.

    The International Academic Symposium of Thi-U is held in turn by Jiangsu University of China, Mie University of Japan, Chiang Mai University of Thailand, Bogor Agricultural University of Indonesia and Guangxi University of China. It has been held for 27 consecutive years.